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Aryial Scorpius Galaxy

Map One - 1st January 2018​

Reupload this trailer if you've got 100 or more Subscribers and receive a free key on release! To receive the key, post the link in the #scorpius-upload channel on our Discord! If you have not joined it, can you join by clicking here!

Aryial is excited to announce our brand new Factions Server, the Scorpius Galaxy. This will bring together a unique Factions experience, incorporating brand new features to the Aryial Network, along with the expansion and focus on PvP.


Exclusive to the Scorpius Galaxy, we will be introducing mcMMO. This will bring a new form of PvP, and also a new skill. With constant leaderboards, who will get to the top and rule the server? To balance this new feature, we’ve capped the following skills:

  • Swords - 1250
  • Axes - 1250
  • Archery - 1000
  • Unarmed - 1000 (And maximum chance reduced)
  • Taming - 1500
  • Woodcutting - 1500
  • Excavation - 1500
  • Repair - 1500
  • Fishing - 1500
  • Alchemy - 1500
  • Herbalism - 1500
  • Mining - 1500
  • Acrobatics - 1500
  • Salvage - 1000
  • Smelting - 1000

This will be live on release, and is subject to change depending on the progress of the server.

Hopper Chests, Void Chests and Sell Chests

We’ve listened, and we’ve implemented all three of the chest types above.


Hopper Chests automatically collect all mob drops that fall within that chunk, with the option to specify which are collected by simply putting the Item Name underneath, for example,...
Hello Aryialians,

This is going to be an update on some things, I’ll try to make it short and sweet.

One of the changes will be staff applications. They will no longer be open all of the time, but do not fear it will be fair for everyone to try to be staff within reason. Every so often helper applications will be opened for a week’s time, then closed while the applications are reviewed. Those who pass the application stage will move onto the interview stage and from that selection of people, helpers will be chosen. This will not effect Youtube Applications, this is for helper only. Applications will close on 11-27 12pm MST.

Moving right along, now the community can be even more involved with staff! We'reintroducing staff of the month, and player of the month. For staff of the month a poll will be put up at the end of the month with all the staff members included minus those who are opting out of it. Then you lovely players will vote on who has been the most helpful staff during the whole month.

A strike system will be introduced in season X for the factions. Three strikes against the faction and it will be force disbanded. This will be judged on bug abusers and other various things that players know not to do, now the faction will be held responsible. Faction owners are encouraged to pick their members who follow the rules. this is to make the game more fair and less bugs being abused and instead being reported when found so they can be fixed. Play fairly folk.~

This change takes effect immediately and applications will close in one week. Everyone can apply, the same restrictions also apply. If you have questions, please ask and I’ll be happy to answer. Also if you have a question and pm me on discord, please ask your question at the same time, I will reply when I get the chance.
Hey Aryialians,

If you've not seen already, we're going to be launching a brand new reset on the 1st December 2017! We'll be releasing a whole host of updates, which are completely community driven and suggested by yourselves!

We'll be introducing 10 BRAND NEW custom enchants, balancing out PvP and bringing back the skill to PvP. We're removing the battles where the amount of money you spent was the deciding factor of who won the battle, and instead will base it on skill, therefore the new enchants we'll be releasing will be countermeasures against current enchants, such as Blindness.

We're introducing a whole array of new crates, guaranteeing better rewards, fairer winnings, and even more satisfaction from opening the crates. From Season X onwards, we'll be introducing MULTIPLE REWARDS from certain crates, along with a more roulette-like system, increasing the chance of winning the top ranks and better rewards.

Our NEW AND IMPROVED ANTI-CHEAT will help eliminate the problem of Hackers on our network, improving PvP and making it fairer. It will automatically alert our staff of those who are hacking, allowing for swifter, more accurate punishments.

Along with this, we'll be introducing a new events system, with rotational events happening regularly on our network, some of these include:
  • KoTH
  • Boss
We'll be improving our current rank system, making your money go further, while also bringing back some of the much-loved perks from before.

We're releasing a completely new feature on the network, PERSONAL MISSIONS. These will be given out every 24 hours and can be completed once per day, giving a reward upon completion. These could vary from selling 4,500 Iron Ingots to winning a KoTH!

We've seen the dramatic increase in /reports recently, and the effect this allows our staff to have, therefore we'll be introducing a brand new TICKET SYSTEM that will allow our staff to sort problems out on a...
Hello, everyone! We're pleased to announce that we've officially launched Season NINE on Aryial! This post is to inform you of all the changes that took part over the multiple weeks that we were redesigning the server.

KOTH We've introduced a new feature called 'Waves'. Basically, every so often KOTH while being capped, waves of OP Mobs will spawn in, their main purpose is to help control KOTH and kill the people capping it, this will give opposing players a chance while also making it harder to get that reward!

SELL CHESTS Sell Chests will automatically sell the items inside the chest (Great for Grinders) for 24 hours. They sell the loot every few seconds and the profit (According to /shop) will go directly into whoever placed the Sell Chest. Sell Chests can be created by placing a sign on the chest you want to automatically sell with the first line being '[SellChest]'. After that, you've got 24 hours of constant selling! To see how much credit you've got, use the command /sellchest. Credit can be bought from the store.

CO-OWNER From now on, you can /f coowner people in your Faction. This will give them the 'Co-Owner' status in the Faction and some extra permissions.

CREEPERS We've introduced a new StackedSpawner creeper system. The Command /creepers will allow you to purchase various percentages, including 25%, 50%, and 100%. When the creeper blows up, it will drop the percentage of spawners that you purchased. For example, if it's a stack of 100 Blaze and you purchase a 25% creeper egg, it will drop 25 Blaze Spawners.

FACTION FLY We've heard your complaint about Fly, therefore we've implemented FactionFly. Upon entering your own territory, it will automatically be enabled, however, it can be toggled with /f fly.

NEW CRATES We've completely revamped the existing crate system, buffing them and reworking the pricing to make it more affordable.

FACTION WARS We've spent...
Hello everyone,

We’re pleased to announce Season 9 of Aryial OP Factions. Season 9 has been in development for quite a while, with community feedback playing a large role in our redesign of OP Factions.

Some of the exciting features we plan to release:​

1. We’ve heard the criticism of our current KoTH system, therefore we’re pleased to announce we’ll be introducing KOTH WAVES. KoTH Waves will be groups of Mobs spawning in that will help you conquer KoTH. They will spawn in periodically, with the main goal of destroying those capping KoTH. Oblivion, we’re looking at you. The Mobs that spawn in will aid those attempting to kill those capping KoTH, we’ve reprogrammed their AI so that they’ll be friendly to those Factions but will attempt to kill cappers.

2. We’re here to apologize over Stacked Spawners, we’ve seen the problems they’ve been causing during raids, therefore we’ll be introducing NEW Creeper Eggs. These will destroy certain % of the total amount of stacked spawners in one stack. You’ll be able to access tiers of these, such as 10%, 25%, 50% and 100% all costing different amounts and destroying the respective percentage of the stack.

3. One more minor but requested feature is the CO-OWNER rank inside Factions, granting more permissions that Moderators but not sharing total equal status to Owner (Owner is above).

4. We’re proud to introduce a total new feature, making farming easier. Sell Chests will be available and will sell the contents of the chest it’s attached to periodically. This will add directly to your balance, and can only be destroyed by people holding a higher rank in the Faction than yourself, unless destroyed by an explosion from an Enemy/Neutral Faction. If it is destroyed by a Friendly Factions Member, it will be added back into your inventory.

5. We’ve taken the chance to fix quite a few bugs, making gameplay more fluid and bringing a higher quality of...