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New Profile Posts

  1. Goldaj Woodsonn
  2. Joyce Least
  3. Joyce Least
  4. genvonk
  5. Jean Dowery
  6. gen gand
  7. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    Andrey, Shhhhhh...
  8. iCrypTonic
    Do u kno da way
  9. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    Symonne cmon, I'm not that toxic. Sooooo, no chance????
    1. EclipsedOG
      You are quite toxic. It's just that I know when to stop.
      Jan 11, 2018
  10. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    Monkey talk more shit will ya???? I'll beat ur ass kid
    1. xXAndreyXx
      Above you said you aren’t toxic. What’s this then? You are also toxic to me in game.
      Jan 13, 2018
  11. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    So, When can i apply once again, and get denied????
    1. Monkeyman0808
      Fuck off and get out of her profile page
      Jan 9, 2018
  12. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    Insulting you say????
    1. Symonne
      You don't have any chance now because this shows just how mature of a player you are and the staff team doesn't need this kind of toxic people in it. Have a nice day Shadow. c:
      Jan 10, 2018
  13. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    Im ruining my chance???? Did i even have a chance to begin with?
    1. Symonne
      You did, not now if this is how you act when you get told no. when you should have taken it for what it was, and worked harder. Instead of blowing up about it and insulting people who did nothing to you.
      Jan 7, 2018
  14. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    You pretty lonley aren't you?? You're 29 on a kid game... Super sad
    1. Symonne
      And now you're ruining every chance you had to become helper by showing just how mature you really are.
      Jan 7, 2018
  15. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    btw Hassling someone doesn't show immaturity, Just letting you know!
  16. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    Symonne I didn't "Hassle you" I never asked 1 staff to look at my App. Your really not smart...
  17. deengough
  18. deengough
  19. Monkeyman0808
    Monkeyman0808 ShadowXE
    It's kinda lack of detail plus you hassled staff afterwards which shows immaturity.
  20. ShadowXE
    ShadowXE Symonne
    Like bruh, Im trying to help the server because a ton of the helpers/mods right now suck at doing there job. I actually know how to staff right
    1. Symonne
      Hassling me is showing immaturity and refusal to accept a decision, when you should take it for what it is and try harder next time. Cause the reactions you made reflect poorly on you.
      Jan 6, 2018