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Update Aryial - Scorpius Galaxy Announcement (MAP ONE)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Aryial, Dec 30, 2017.

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    Aug 19, 2017


    Aryial Scorpius Galaxy

    Map One - 1st January 2018​

    Reupload this trailer if you've got 100 or more Subscribers and receive a free key on release! To receive the key, post the link in the #scorpius-upload channel on our Discord! If you have not joined it, can you join by clicking here!

    Aryial is excited to announce our brand new Factions Server, the Scorpius Galaxy. This will bring together a unique Factions experience, incorporating brand new features to the Aryial Network, along with the expansion and focus on PvP.


    Exclusive to the Scorpius Galaxy, we will be introducing mcMMO. This will bring a new form of PvP, and also a new skill. With constant leaderboards, who will get to the top and rule the server? To balance this new feature, we’ve capped the following skills:

    • Swords - 1250

    • Axes - 1250

    • Archery - 1000

    • Unarmed - 1000 (And maximum chance reduced)

    • Taming - 1500

    • Woodcutting - 1500

    • Excavation - 1500

    • Repair - 1500

    • Fishing - 1500

    • Alchemy - 1500

    • Herbalism - 1500

    • Mining - 1500

    • Acrobatics - 1500

    • Salvage - 1000

    • Smelting - 1000

    This will be live on release, and is subject to change depending on the progress of the server.

    Hopper Chests, Void Chests and Sell Chests

    We’ve listened, and we’ve implemented all three of the chest types above.


    Hopper Chests automatically collect all mob drops that fall within that chunk, with the option to specify which are collected by simply putting the Item Name underneath, for example, IRON_INGOT.

    We realized, to replace Hoppers completely, they need to be efficient, so we added a new feature! If you place a Hopper Chest, all chests BELOW the Hopper Chest will become additional storage, and also act as Hopper Chests, all with one sign!

    Hoppers, however, are not disabled. They will continue to function normally but hopper chests will have a significant advantage of being quicker and cleaner.

    Sell Chests now can be created by spending Mob Coins (see below) and will automatically put all of the money into the faction’s balance. These work as before however there are no sell chest credits.

    Void Chests are a brand new feature, they will automatically clear drops that cannot be stored by the Hopper Chest. For example, if all the chests below the [HopperChest] fill up, all drops will then be cleared by the void chest.

    Hopper Chests and Sell Chests can work together, on one double chest.

    Mob Coins

    We want this new season to reward skill over playtime, so we’ve introduced mob coins. For each mob you kill (e.g. cow) you will be given ONE mob coin, these can be spent on either unlocking new spawners or purchasing a new Sell Chest sign.

    If you choose to unlock a spawner, it allows you to place that spawner type. If you have not got it unlocked, you cannot place it, but you can still keep them in your inventory.

    Faction Upgrades

    A new vital part of our factions experience is the ability to unlock whole Faction Upgrades, purchasable via your faction’s balance. These upgrades will only take place in your own territory, and will benefit all members of your faction!

    The current Faction Upgrades are:

    1. Speed Upgrade [1 Tier] - This will allow you to give yourself a Speed Boost in your own territory.

    2. Haste Upgrade [3 Tiers] - This will allow you to give yourself a Haste Boost in your own territory, making mining blocks even faster.

    3. Strength Upgrade [1 Tier] - This will allow you to give yourself a Strength Boost in your own territory.

    4. Spawner Upgrade [5 Tiers] - This will allow spawners to spawn mobs faster in your own territory, even when stacked.

    5. EXP Upgrade [5 Tiers] - This will allow you to gain EXP faster from grinding mobs, unlocking new enchants faster.

    6. Brewing Upgrade [5 Tiers] - This will allow you alchemists to brew all Potions faster, regardless of your mcMMO level.

    Each upgrade can be toggled off and on at will by the faction co-owner and owner.

    Faction Boosters

    Along with Faction Upgrades, we have also now incorporated Faction Boosters into the game, these are purchased through our store.

    • Money - This will allow all members of your Faction to gain a temporary shop booster, improving the sell price for specific items.

    • EXP - This will allow all members of your Faction to gain a temporary EXP booster, gaining more EXP from killing mobs.

    • Faction Power - All members of your Faction will gain a temporary Faction Power booster, earning more faction power upon gaining it.


    We’ll be introducing 6 ranks for Scorpius Galaxy, our ranks are per server and will be available to view on our store soon ( As a global perk, free /fly will remain, allowing you to fly 24/7.


    We’ll be introducing 3 worlds, the End (Flat), the Nether (Flat) and the Overworld. These will all release upon opening at 3pm EST, 1st January 2018.