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Update Season 10 Announcement

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Aryial, Oct 31, 2017.

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    Aug 19, 2017
    Hey Aryialians,

    If you've not seen already, we're going to be launching a brand new reset on the 1st December 2017! We'll be releasing a whole host of updates, which are completely community driven and suggested by yourselves!

    We'll be introducing 10 BRAND NEW custom enchants, balancing out PvP and bringing back the skill to PvP. We're removing the battles where the amount of money you spent was the deciding factor of who won the battle, and instead will base it on skill, therefore the new enchants we'll be releasing will be countermeasures against current enchants, such as Blindness.

    We're introducing a whole array of new crates, guaranteeing better rewards, fairer winnings, and even more satisfaction from opening the crates. From Season X onwards, we'll be introducing MULTIPLE REWARDS from certain crates, along with a more roulette-like system, increasing the chance of winning the top ranks and better rewards.

    Our NEW AND IMPROVED ANTI-CHEAT will help eliminate the problem of Hackers on our network, improving PvP and making it fairer. It will automatically alert our staff of those who are hacking, allowing for swifter, more accurate punishments.

    Along with this, we'll be introducing a new events system, with rotational events happening regularly on our network, some of these include:
    • KoTH
    • Boss
    We'll be improving our current rank system, making your money go further, while also bringing back some of the much-loved perks from before.

    We're releasing a completely new feature on the network, PERSONAL MISSIONS. These will be given out every 24 hours and can be completed once per day, giving a reward upon completion. These could vary from selling 4,500 Iron Ingots to winning a KoTH!

    We've seen the dramatic increase in /reports recently, and the effect this allows our staff to have, therefore we'll be introducing a brand new TICKET SYSTEM that will allow our staff to sort problems out on a priority basis, whilst also forwarding your ticket instantly to the correct tier of staff.

    Our current season will be kicked off with a bang! We'll be paying out the following FTOP REWARDS to our winners:
    • 1st: $250 PayPal
    • 2nd: $150 Buycraft
    • 3rd: $100 Buycraft
    We're excited for the future of Aryial, we hope you are too! If you've got any suggestions, make sure to post them on our suggestions category, here, on the forums.
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