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Update Season 9 Release

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Aryial, Oct 1, 2017.

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    Aug 19, 2017
    Hello, everyone! We're pleased to announce that we've officially launched Season NINE on Aryial! This post is to inform you of all the changes that took part over the multiple weeks that we were redesigning the server.

    KOTH We've introduced a new feature called 'Waves'. Basically, every so often KOTH while being capped, waves of OP Mobs will spawn in, their main purpose is to help control KOTH and kill the people capping it, this will give opposing players a chance while also making it harder to get that reward!

    SELL CHESTS Sell Chests will automatically sell the items inside the chest (Great for Grinders) for 24 hours. They sell the loot every few seconds and the profit (According to /shop) will go directly into whoever placed the Sell Chest. Sell Chests can be created by placing a sign on the chest you want to automatically sell with the first line being '[SellChest]'. After that, you've got 24 hours of constant selling! To see how much credit you've got, use the command /sellchest. Credit can be bought from the store.

    CO-OWNER From now on, you can /f coowner people in your Faction. This will give them the 'Co-Owner' status in the Faction and some extra permissions.

    CREEPERS We've introduced a new StackedSpawner creeper system. The Command /creepers will allow you to purchase various percentages, including 25%, 50%, and 100%. When the creeper blows up, it will drop the percentage of spawners that you purchased. For example, if it's a stack of 100 Blaze and you purchase a 25% creeper egg, it will drop 25 Blaze Spawners.

    FACTION FLY We've heard your complaint about Fly, therefore we've implemented FactionFly. Upon entering your own territory, it will automatically be enabled, however, it can be toggled with /f fly.

    NEW CRATES We've completely revamped the existing crate system, buffing them and reworking the pricing to make it more affordable.

    FACTION WARS We've spent quite a lot of time revamping and recoding FactionWars, optimizing it and fixing bugs that occurred. Currently, we've fixed all inventory bugs. We're in the middle of fixing the teleportation bug, but that will be fixed within the next few hours. We've also implemented a scoreboard to make it easier to view the ongoing match.

    LIMITS Due to constant suggestions and a poll that won, we've introduced a 25 man faction limit and an ally limit of 3. This is to combat Factions that overwhelm the rest of the server but don't worry, we've increased the maximum amount of power to 75.

    We've got a brilliant season planned out, with updates already being made and perfected, we're sure you'll love it just as much as we do. We're constantly looking for community suggestions, so if you've got any make sure to post them on the forums!
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